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Celebrity Style | Jan 30, 2022
Interiors Trend Forecasting 2024 | Textile and Fabrics Trends

Interiors Trend Forecasting 2024 | Textile and Fabrics Trends  – What is trending in the textile industry? What are the latest textile and fabrics trends? If you have these questions and want to know more about the trends in textiles and fabrics we have a new supplement that covers these topics. A new welcoming into the wonders of the textile world. This is a different trend report with a new perspective forecast for you to create the most amazing projects.

New Textile Trend Report for 2023 | 2024

Let’s cover the 5 main themes that will be big in the season of 2023 | 2024 in home textile trends:


New minimalism is all about mixing combinations and meaningful elements that reflect high quality and praise beauty in imperfection. A flowing movement towards unique and timeless designs.

Textile and Fabrics Key Trends 2024



Influenced by the consumerist and political culture, “Retro Escape” lives through emancipation of colors and states of mind. Whimsical and diverse textiles blossom into this retro retreat from the most colorful to textured materials.

Textile and Fabrics Key Trends 2024


Soft Romantic is all about softness and decadency, classical hints of vintage inspiration and femininity aesthetic. Dramatic ruffles and dashing volumes glorified with beauty ornaments. A trend that falls softly on a pure and natural selection of fabrics, from wools to a range of silk and delicate materials.

Textile and Fabrics Key Trends 2024


Fomenting a present nature contact, organicity explores the intrinsic relationship between consumption and consciousness. Explore non-toxic materials by preferring a selection of natural and biological made textiles. Utilize sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo, jute, kombucha, and vegan solutions.

Textile and Fabrics Key Trends 2024


Following this principle we want to be versatile, adaptable, and specially comfortable. With the embrace of the working from home concept, our houses have to take multiple roles; a place for being with your family and to work. This acceptance and extraordinary individual control allows this trend to make individuals not only feel comfortable as confident.

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Textile and Fabrics Key Trends 2024


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New Textile Trend Report for 2023 | 2024

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