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Celebrity News | Jan 1, 2017
Celebrity Homes: Anderson Cooper Vacation Home in Brazil

Celebrity Homes Celebrity Homes: Look Inside Steve Yeun Minimalistic Hollywood Home banner new catalogue covet lounge US Presidents Vacation Homes Celebrity News: Get to Know US Presidents Vacation Homes banner new catalogue covet loungeCelebrity Homes: Anderson Cooper Vacation Home in Brazil – Lord knows it wasn’t convenience that inspired Anderson Cooper to build a home in the Brazilian town of Trancoso. Situated on the Atlantic coast in the state of Bahia, the village is a 14-hour schlep—including a flight change and a healthy car ride—from the CNN anchor’s base in Manhattan. Cooper first visited the idyllic hamlet in 2013 on a holiday with his partner, nightlife impresario Benjamin Maisani, and their friend Andy Cohen, the puckish television personality and Real Housewives sire. “Within a day I was fantasizing about buying a house there,” the well-traveled journalist recalls. “Ben thought I’d lost my mind, and Andy, who is encouraging about almost everything, thought I was nuts, too.”

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Still, Cooper describes that inaugural sojourn as an intoxicating reverie. “I put my bags down in the bungalow where we were staying, I walked out onto the porch overlooking the Quadrado, the town square, and I just watched for a couple of hours. In the late afternoon, the kids started playing soccer, the horsemen began to return from the fields, and the lights came on in the little fishermen’s cottages. It’s hard to explain the attraction, but I just sat there, spellbound,” he remembers.

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Celebrity Homes Celebrity Homes: Look Inside Steve Yeun Minimalistic Hollywood Home bl master bedroom 750 US Presidents Vacation Homes Celebrity News: Get to Know US Presidents Vacation Homes bl master bedroom 750

That romantic narrative might sound like a passage from an Isabel Allende novel, but Cooper is the first to acknowledge the poverty of language in capturing a scene of such unaffected beauty and soul. “People often talk about what a magical place this is. That word always irks me—I don’t trust it somehow,” confesses the 60 Minutes correspondent and coauthor of The Rainbow Comes and Goes, the shared memoir he recently penned with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. “But I’ve worked in 70 countries and traveled to even more, and I’ve never seen anything like Trancoso. It’s a real place, not a Potemkin village for tourists.”

celebrity-homes-anderson-cooper-vacation-home-in-brazil-6 celebrity-homes-anderson-cooper-vacation-home-in-brazil-7 celebrity-homes-anderson-cooper-vacation-home-in-brazil-8

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Source: architecturaldigest.com


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