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Celebrity Style | Aug 25, 2021
Best Interior Designers in LA | Marbé Briceno-Velázquez

Best Interior Designers in LA | Marbé Briceno-Velázquez – Marbé Designs, Inc. is an Award-Winning, full-service Architectural Interior Design Studio based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in High-End Residential as well as Hospitality sectors across the country and overseas; with an eccentric knowledge of creating both refined and authentic designs. Before opening her studio, Marbé Briceno-Velázquez worked a few years ago in South Florida with a trained and prominent Interior Designer, before she graduated; also, for over three years, with distinguished Interior Designers in Los Angeles most prestigious areas.


The studio’s artistic philosophy is transmitted through their designs, reflecting a distinctive, polished, sophisticated style, and a high-end quality appearance, keeping a clean vision, exclusive, yet functional. In Marbé Designs Studio, is possible to perceive the passion for furniture history and furniture design. Bringing to life antique, and vintage furniture finds and mixes them with new and custom pieces, which, when combined, fit perfectly into the blueprints. The studio incorporates furniture into their designs as if they were pieces of art. With this passion reflected in every detail and every project, we couldn’t be indifferent to such an exquisite work and had the exclusive opportunity to interview Marbé and get a glimpse of her view on design but also her studio’s amazing work.

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Regarding her work, Marbé loves creating, designing, the whole process raises adrenaline. From the first meeting, the anticipation of seeing the site and listening to the client’s expectations which is part of getting inspired to start creating, all the way to installation and that magical moment of seeing that idea becoming tangible, to the photo shooting. She really loves every bit of what she does, and this passion is noticeable in every detail of her work. “I know it could sound cliché, but I genuinely love all about it,” she added.


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Her discipline and her dedication, allowed her to overcome every obstacle in her path: “Each project is a new challenge. I really like that feeling, and I overcome it with dedication, discipline, and perseverance, not letting adversities stop my creativity or the process of growing in my career.” Marbé answered. And when asked about her goals and achievements she strongly affirmed that she hasn’t yet fulfilled everything she wants in life: “I think I will be all my life trying to achieve new things. Once I have accomplished something that I was pursuing, I move on to the next challenge.




“Simple things fulfill me, like expressing gratitude every day for being able to do what I love. Showing genuine care and interest for what I do and learning new things every day fills me a lot. I do not take anything for granted.”

Marbé Briceno-Velázquez



With still many dreams and hopes to achieve, Marvé looks to the future with a hopeful look, desiring to create unique and incredible spaces where she can pour her creativity freely, leaving behind her own legacy. Marbé feels very passionate about the people around her, from her clients to the vendors, to her team. Trying to be as open as possible, by creating a healthy environment with lots of love and patience, which is one of the most critical ingredients for the good results of her studio.




Still, regarding her vision for the future and the future of her studio, Marbé finished a major project in Florida, and CovetED can’t wait to access this amazing project. Her studio is also working on the first commercial project, so there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months, and Marbé couldn’t be more excited for what is coming: “We are also working on our first commercial project. It is a French Pâtisserie. We got inspired by Pierre Hermé, and we are also mixing some elements from the Old and New World with various natural stones and metals. We are very excited!


When asked about what were her thoughts on the latest trends at the moment, Marbé affirmed: “I get asked this a lot. I always say that the human being, by nature, tends to follow trends. I once heard someone say, “life itself is a trend.”, which is what makes periods in time remarkable. However, I try to go the other way, not following the current “trend”. I design with feeling.” Rather than incorporating something because it is trendy, Marbé tries to find alternatives and innovate to not look like a photocopy or a typical trending style.  “Sure, we always end up with something aligned with a trend, our time, or our very essence because, as I told you, it is human, but it is always essential to have your unique path,” she added also.




“I happen to have a variety of people in personality and style-wise. Most of all, because I think I attract a little bit of everything. I have clients who love bling and others who don’t. Some minimalists and others Hollywood Regency. Thank God I can design in any direction, and I think due mainly to the influence that I had where I grew up, where I was in contact with nature, and Miami’s Art Deco. My travels also have a heavyweight on my creativity.” 

Marbé Briceno-Velázquez



When asked about her projects, Marbé feels that is like if she was asked which of her children is she most proud of. Her creations are like her babies, so she feels very proud of all of them. Although she doesn’t enjoy looking back, Marbé says that she could have done better in some of her past designs, but that is the beauty of growing and what she learned every day to do better and become the amazing designer she currently is. Nevertheless, that does not mean that she doesn’t feel less proud.




With a particularly accurate eye for craftsmanship and for mid-century furniture, Marbé believes that many things are not being as before in the sense of quality and durability that we find in most antique and vintage items. She still added that most are more focused on mass production than on history or what a product can last, concluding: “I think we should focus on bringing that passing quality back to this time. “



She believes that health, wellness, and safety are pillars of interior design, and only then aesthetics. For Marbé, these days have become more critical, how people are reshaping their household composition, focusing more on their own family, being safe and sustainable. “I think that has become a bottom-line concern. As a designer of these spaces, I believe we need to elevate our practice and improve the lives of others in many forms and the world around us,” she said.



Finally, Marbé explained her vision for the future through her own eyes: “In the Interior Design Industry, I would like trained designers to be better recognized and respected as professionals on the same level as Architects, Engineers, Doctors, and such. We have a calling to serve as essential advisors and creators, not only for beautiful things but also, we take care of the health, safety, and welfare of people, creating functional and well-living spaces. “


Creating comfortable, compelling, and yet sophisticated homes that reflect a meaningful life experience, striking a balance in the designs to breathe vivacity and inspiration into their client’s dream home, is the main goal of Marbé Designs, Inc., and we are simply amazed by Marbé’s vision and her studio’s work.

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