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Celebrity News | Nov 17, 2015
The Most Amazing Celebrity Homes Amenities

What kind of insanely elaborate amenities would you include in your dream home if money were no object? For some lucky folks, that question isn’t purely hypothetical. We call these rare creatures celebrities, some of whom have taken their wildest home decor fantasies and turned them into stark realities.

Let’s see some outrageous additions found in the celebrity homes, and we couldn’t help but add to the list:

Drake has an 80-foot waterslide at his YOLO Estate, his Hidden Hills, CA, mansion that includes a bedroom hidden behind a movable bookshelf. And, naturally, there’s a mechanical bull.

Drake’s YOLO Estate in Hidden Hills, CA
Drake's YOLO estate

Barbra Streisand has an actual mall in her home in ritzy Malibu, CA, complete with dress shop and candy store. The “Yentl” star reportedly took Lady Gaga and John Travolta on an hourlong tour of her basement shopping court. There’s no word on whether they took home any merchandise.

Barbra Streisand’s Malibu home
Barbara Streisand's Malibu home

Some celebrity home additions are not surprising, such as Michael Jordan’s full-size, NBA-spec basketball court inside his sprawling abode in Highland Park, IL. His nine-bedroom, 56,000-square-foot estate is on the market for $14,855,000, a number that delight clever Jordan fans.

Michael Jordan’s NBA-spec basketball court
Michael Jordan's Basketball court

Lots of guys build themselves a man cave, but Neil Patrick Harris took it one step further: He has a Magic Man Cave. Some bros watch football and drink beer in their cave, and some perform magic tricks in their special room stocked with top hats and wands. When you are Doogie Howser, you can do whatever you want.


Few celebs do luxury like Leonardo DiCaprio, a man who wakes up each day to walk across reflexology stone pathways on his way to a vitamin C–infused shower. The “Wolf of Wall Street” star even has lighting that simulates the breaking of dawn wherein light is gradually introduced at a customizable pace.


For celebrities whose imaginations run more on the macabre side, the additions can get pretty darn dark—tasteless, even. Ghoulish frontman Marilyn Manson has an “abortionist chair” in his spooky Hollywood lair, keeping company with a clown painting done by notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy. It’s basically Halloween year-round in this white-floored, black-walled California nightmare mansion.

And while everyone knows her as Jenny from the Block, maybe you didn’t know she’s also Jenny on the Green. Jennifer Lopez, an ex-Fly Girl and a golf aficionado, had a putting green installed on the roof of her $22 million Manhattan penthouse. Fore!

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Source: http: realtor.com


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