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Celebrity Style | Mar 14, 2021
Electrix Studio’s Luxury Penthouse Project

Electrix Studio’s Luxury Penthouse Project – The ultimate residential design that shows São Paulo’s bright spirit through great decor.

Located in vibrant city of São Paulo, this unique residential project shows another side of the luxury style, where the right color palette comes together with bespoke golden details and amazing art deco furniture.

The name of the studio that developed this unique penthouse project can relate to the innovative design approach this project reveals. After all, Electrix Design is a global interior design company, based in Brazil, has a wide portfolio with creative and sophisticated residential design projects with a fun yet luxurious twist that is ready to impress any worldwide interior design lover.

The rooftop project in São Paulo aimed to create an eclectic, elegant and functional space and with an inspirational basis: Art Deco meets European Classicism, with a hint of tropical sensuality.

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The interior design of this fabulous São Paulo residence was created with best curated design pieces from top luxury brands, such as DelightFULL, Tom Dixon, Tuuci, Vitra and Jonathan Adler. The final result was better than the initial idea. This is a luxury design project that shows how to mix and match different styles (like European classism and Art Deco) with a bright twist, such as tropical patterns.

Featuring a wide-open space concept, the main living room/dining room reflects the studio’s unique design approach of the new luxury concept.

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The main goal was to create an electric, vibrant, yet, sophisticated place with a mix of unique high-quality materials.

The design team of Electrix Studio wanted to keep these tropical design details flowing throughout the entire luxury penthouse design, including the bathroom spaces which (usually) are the home decor areas that stay in the neutral palette.

Although it features a bright yellow and black combination, introduced by different patterns, the star guest bathroom design is DelightFULL’s iconic Brubeck Wall Lamp. Inspired by the timeless musical instrument that is the pipe organ and one of the foremost exponents of jazz, Dave Brubeck, this luxurious wall sconce is a statement piece on its own.

Featuring a shiny gold finish, this unique mid-century lighting fixture was the perfect piece to light up this unique and creative space.


With so much going on in the interior design spaces dedicated to the guests, Electrix studio wanted to keep things soothing and relaxing when it came to create the most personal spaces such as the master bedroom. The entire design is built on a trendy neutral color palette giving to the bedroom project the sense of tranquillity needed, since is the place where the luxury penthouse’s owners will go to relax. This simple yet luxurious vibe continued to the master bathroom area with one little difference.

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Stepping in to the master bathroom we can see an all-interior design idea, keeping the same simple and relaxing concept of the master bedroom design. For the main bathroom of this luxury penthouse project, Electrix Studio decided to create a high-contrast combination that is both is sophisticated and soothing to eye of the owner.

Once again, the neutrals were the main color palette chosen for this unique space, but this time with a trendier blush approach. The interior designers added another touch of luxury by incorporating (once again) DelightFULL’s iconic Brubeck Wall Lamp but this time with a rose gold finish, showing the incredible ability of product customization that the mid-century modern lighting brand offers to their clients.

To finish the luxury penthouse design in São Paulo, as one of the best residential design ideas ever seen in the country, Electrix Design studio decided to incorporate one interesting space to the house: a private cinema room. This space is the living dream of those interior design enthusiasts that are passionate about the cinema world and iconic personalities.

Featuring a neutral color palette, so that the eyes can be in the master piece that the owners are going to enjoy, the interior design also features one special piece to add some color contrast into the space. That’s right, DelightFULL’s Pastorious wall lamp, with its dark black finish and industrial chic style, was the perfect detail to end up this iconic luxury penthouse design.

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